So what is U CUBED all about?

We're a social enterprise focused on speeding up progress towards a fairer world.

The lack of digital skills (and people who can teach them) seriously slows human advancement.

Our vision is a new model for education that makes it fun and rewarding to learn skills wherever you are in the world.

  • Chris Odu in Busan
    South Korea, 2019

  • Datamation
    Delhi, India, 2019

    Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2018

  • Entrepreneurship
    OUSL,Colombo, 2019

  • TRCSL School visit
    Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

  • ITU Digital Skills Summit
    Tehran, Iran, 2019

  • Free coding workshop
    Sydney, Australia, 2017

  • Digital Skills TRCSL
    Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2017


David Echeverri


Sustainable innovation & entrepreneurship

David has a special interest in entrepreneurship and innovation through his work with startups, multinationals and academia.

He loves to design and facilitate experiential learning workshops that inspire people to take on new challenges and make a positive impact in the world.

Working in his home country of Colombia, David saw first hand how technology access and training can lift whole families and communities out of the poverty trap despite unfair governance systems.

Pete Argent


Tech education specialist

Pete has over 10 years experience teaching coding, emerging technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Following a decade as a software consultant at IBM, Pete launched a coding school in Sydney, Australia in 2013. This led to a range of amazing opportunities to design and deliver training across public schools, universities, government agencies and special projects with the ITU - a UN agency.

Web3 digital skills

Pete has most recently been a blockchain lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Join us in the Web3 World and build a fairer future.

Web3 for Business

Companies concerned about finding Web3 talent are starting to upskill their teams now.

Business programs


Anyone can be a part of Disruptors - empowering young people around the world to access better opportunities - learning Web3 digital skills.



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