Learn new skills (Free!)

Weekly, online workshops. They're lively, fun and free!

Make connections

Members grow their network with inspiring business people, technologists and designers.

Borderless community

Disruptors collaborate across the world; sharing their ideas, knowledge and cultures.

Career opportunities

Members access well paid employment, freelance projects or even start a business.

Earn credentials

Disruptors receive U CUBED credentials demonstrating their skills, knowledge and experience.

Create Positive Impact

Members design and co-create open source tech solutions that solve real-world problems.

The low down

Opportunity is the name of the game.

Do you have big plans for your future?

Disruptors gives you the knowledge, connections and support needed to access global opportunities.

The world is changing fast and traditional education systems and models can’t keep up.

There are nowhere near enough people who can teach our young people the Web3 digital skills they need to succeed in their careers or achieve their life goals.

Disruptors is a Web3 community that gives young people an opportunity to change their world through learning and creating tech together.

We use Web3 methods to incentivise members to learn new skills, collaborate, support each other and give back.

Digital skills encompass so many areas of our modern lives and Disruptors offers a wide range of learning pathways that can be customised to members’ own goals and interests.

The learning opportunities at launch will include:

  • Web3 for businesses and communities
  • UX design
  • Digital entrepreneurship & sustainable business models
  • Creating digital art with HTML and CSS
  • 3D graphics and animation
  • Design thinking & innovation
  • AI tools for business
  • Media production & digital communication strategy
  • Social impact through education and technology
  • Coding for Web3
  • And more...

A range of learning options will be available for members to choose from — depending on the way they like to learn

  • Online, live workshops — recorded and viewable for any members who missed a session or prefer to learn this way
  • Self-directed learning to participate in challenges and competitions
  • Group projects to design, develop and deliver digital products and services
  • Attend talks with international speakers sharing their knowledge and experience
  • A lively community space with learning resources and support

There are so many benefits that we can’t reasonably list them all here. Here are just some of the main benefits:

  • Free workshops to learn valuable, Web3 digital skills
  • U Cubed certificates to demonstrate your experience and abilities to employers or business clients
  • New friends from across the world who are also excited by tech and its ability to help us change the world
  • Opportunities to learn more about your strengths and interests, perhaps even your life’s purpose!
  • Fun tech projects to work on that actually go live and help people
  • Exercise and training for your brain and soft skills with weekly challenges and competitions
  • The list goes on…

There are no expectations, only opportunities 🙂 With Disruptors, members get out what they put in!

Members choose learning pathways and tasks according to their own strengths and interests.

In Disruptors, members are free to explore their talents and abilities while engaging in meaningful projects and discovering the world of Web3.

U Cubed has a big vision for Disruptors and is inviting energetic and creative young people to help lay the foundations for a vibrant and stimulating global community.

Everyone with an interest in making a positive impact in the world with the help of technology is welcome to be involved in some way.


Initially, the Disruptors program is aimed at Sri Lankan youth aged 18-25 however there are places for people who don't fit this category.

Interested people can apply below to become Foundation members and help us create a fairer future and become leaders in this new digital world.

If you want to support Disruptors, U Cubed wants to let you!

You are welcome to join the Launch Party kickoff to learn more about the community and programs.

Afterwards, you’ll be invited to schedule a call to meet with the team and discuss your interests.

These are some of the ways you might like to get involved:

  • Knowledge sharing, delivering talks to the community about your expertise, interests or career.
  • Community building and management.
  • Learning activity support.
  • Advocacy and media relations.
  • Making connections and growing the network of supporters.
  • Grant seeking and other fund finding initiatives for scaling Disruptors faster.
  • Perhaps you have other ideas? Please get in touch, we’d love to hear about it.

Disruptors: Next Event

Say "yes" to new opportunities

You're invited!

Join the Disruptors Launch Event at Hatch (Colombo, Sri Lanka) or online. Wednesday, 28th June 2023

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