The programs

New tech brings exciting new opportunities for organisations to innovate, deliver value and connect with their stakeholders.

All that's needed is the knowledge and skills.




Web3 for

  • 90 min workshop
  • Face-to-face
  • 3-10 participants

In brief

Designed for busy executives who are curious to see how Web3 could impact their organisation and the opportunities it presents


  • See how organisations around the world are investing in Web3
  • Discover disruptive opportunities for businesses to take their competitors out of the race
  • A hands on activity interacting with Web3
  • Success stories and "What Not To Do"

Top outcome

Participants will come away with a bigger view of their organisation's future with Web3 to help them make the right strategy decisions

Web3 for

  • ½ day workshop
  • Face-to-face
  • 5-20 participants

In brief

Empower your top talent or wider leadership teams with this practical and interactive session

Your first step towards becoming a Web3 ready organisation


  • A deconstruction of Web3 technologies so everyone has the full picture
  • Engage with Web3 to get hands-on experience and see it with your own eyes
  • Have insight into the research and development being undertaken around the world
  • See how organisations large and small are taking their first steps into Web3

Top outcome

Energised and inspired people able to explain Web3 to their colleagues

A debrief report capturing the participants' sentiments and their initial thoughts on Web3 opportunities for your organisation


  • 5-8 day program
  • Face-to-face
  • 5-20 participants

In brief

Our immersive 5-8 day program offers corporate teams a hands-on journey into the world of blockchain.

Through project-based learning and a practical approach, participants will gain research-based knowledge, have fun and develop the skills necessary to build business cases around blockchain


  • Deep understanding of blockchain technology and its potential applications
  • Ability to build business cases around blockchain
  • Capability to contribute to blockchain projects within their organisation
  • Exposure to real use cases and hands-on experience with blockchain
  • Ability to interact with the blockchain ecosystem and stakeholders
  • Awareness of the importance of security, privacy, and ethics in blockchain
  • Knowledge of emerging trends and how to leverage them for innovation
  • Creation of value for their organisation using blockchain technology
  • A sense of community among like-minded professionals in the blockchain space

Top outcome

Graduates will be equipped with the ability to contribute to blockchain projects within their organisation, driving forward innovation and enhancing their competitive edge


A number of packages are available. The price paid for your training sessions are variable and depend on your organisation's particular requirements and choices. Registering your interest comes with no obligation and you will receive a proposal after a free consultation.