• New careers
  • New business models
  • More social impact
  • New opportunities

So what is Web3 anyway?

(in case you were too afraid to ask)

Here's how we describe Web3:

We like to think of Web3 as the next-generation technology suite for human civilisation.
(Spoiler alert! It's a major upgrade!)

But Web3 is more than just technology.

It's a new way to structure businesses for the future and gives communities amazing tools to coordinate and organise our societies.

CET: Converging, emerging technology!


Forget crypto scams and over-hyped NFT projects, this tech is the foundation of it all and is set to be a part of every system we use.

AI, IoT, quantum computers, metaverse:

If your mind has been blown recently, you better buckle up, this ain't slowing down.

Humanised tech:

Finally, people have started to make our tech more user-friendly - but there's a looooong way to go.

  • Countless new opportunities for existing and startup businesses
  • Privacy-protecting systems designed for efficiency, low cost and sustainability
  • Massive shifts in the way we work and play
  • Criminality and corruption will be almost impossible creating safer communities and driving down the costs of modern life

The amount of university research being conducted is growing exponentially in these technologies, the related business opportunities and social impacts.

New industries are popping up overnight and millions of people are being lifted out of poverty thanks to the new technologies being developed.

There are going to be some who will try to slow us down but our progress is inevitable.

Better tech skills
for a better world

We're speeding up progress
towards a fairer future.

Web 3.0



The opportunity to reinvent

It's exciting to see how fast tech is evoloving before our eyes — but scary to envision how our world will change.

Web3 is so much more powerful than most people realise (it's not just crypto and NFTs). It can help us change so many things for the better and we want to be part of that.

Unlocking better business

Businesses that are ready for the Web3 revolution will do more than survive, they'll thrive; all while delivering greater value and creating sustainable impact.

This is the root of our mission, directing investment into tech skill development across the world to drive advancement and prosperity.

The time is now

Millions of people around the world aren't given access to knowledge and skills that limit their earning potential and keep them in low-paid, insecure work.

We're on a mission to democratise access to the new opportunities arriving with Web3 through free training programs for youth in emerging economy countries.

Future skills training... but not as you know it

Experiential learning
that hits different.

We make learning fun

Studies have shown creativity and learning is amplified when everyone is having fun.

U CUBED demystifies the jargon of high-tech so that everyone can enjoy taking on new knowledge and skills.

Sessions are always hands-on and interactive. Project-based and gamified challenges add to the fun.

Energise & inspire

At U CUBED, we design programs that support connections and community.

The act of sharing and engaging with our peers energises and inspires us - it also drives faster innovation!

Success framework

We bring the full force of our experiences and expertise from tech, business, social impact and academia to give you confidence in the uncertain new world around us.

The U CUBED Framework gives your teams a solid foundation to continue developing their knowledge and skills long after the program has finished.

  • Humanise
  • Design new worlds
  • Build & disrupt
  • Create change

Our business programs

Let's get business booming




Web3 for leaders

90 min workshop

  • Short, value-packed sessions for busy executives
  • Practical and eye-opening, research backed
  • The important information needed to make strategic decisions

Web3 Explorers

½ day workshop

  • Empower teams with understanding of Web3 and its benefits to the business
  • Energise and inspire your people with future technologies knowledge and skills
  • Receive a Session Debrief report on Web3 suitability for different parts of the organisation

Web3 Pioneers

5 - 8 day intensive

  • Readying teams to build business cases and advise on potential strategies & opportunities for the organisation
  • First hand experience from interactions with the Web3 ecosystem
  • Confident forward-looking leaders for Web3 initiatives
  • Able to coordinate & manage multi-stakehodler programs